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Lastman Lastman

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Epic 8bit Failure...

Although the 1st metal is a "metal of failure" so is this game. It's not hard because it is a decent challenge but due to how sloppily this game was created...and seriously 8bit?! No! Worse! FAKE 8bit!!! The character is only about as many pixels as the crab is wide, though it is possible to do it is made to be to hard to be worth trying over and over again on multiple crabs. Because of the long jump you have to perfectly time each time you start the game or the character seems to be suicidal. Also if you take the time to finesse the game and do it perfectly the "badies" end up crumbing the path making the game impossible. Bad gameplay not bad gameplayer. <<This is worse than ET the game.>> If you trying to create a new SSB you have failed to make any improvement. Also, as the "game hints" go, the link does not work.

BTW, who would advertise on this??!!

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